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Young Peoples Council

About Us

The Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council (OFNYPC) works on regional and national political issues that affect First Nations youth in Ontario. The council provides a unified voice for our youth on these issues. The primary goal of the Council is to help empower local youth through the creation of youth councils in communities and by helping young leaders develop their voice in politics. The OFNYPC consists of two representatives from each region in Ontario (10 members total). This structure ensures that there is accurate and fair representation of all youth at the provincial level.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement gives us Unity of Cause and Purpose Toward our Vision

To be the young leaders of our Nations by accepting our roles and responsibilities in ways that balance traditional values with modern demands. The OFNYPC is committed to revitalize traditional governance and secure the resources to do it. We will also strengthen our support systems in the transition toward nationhood.

The working goals of the Council are to:

  • Function alongside the Ontario Chiefs in Assembly and the Political Confederacy in their decisions relating to but not limited to: Governance, Social Development, Economic Development, Education and Health.
  • Identify the issues that are affecting the First Nations Youth in Ontario and develop projects to address these issues.
  • Act as role models and ambassadors at regional, national, international forums involving youth.
  • To promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by identifying the negative impacts of physical and mental abuse.
  • Build the capacity of the youth to assume their future roles and responsibilities.

The Ontario Chiefs in Assembly and the Political Confederacy shall accept the positions of the Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council; these decisions will affect their future.

Youth Council Members